Backslash: A Guerrilla kit For Protests of the Future

Modern protesters believe connectivity is a basic human right. Backslash addresses the relationship between protests and technology, cultivating dialog about freedom of expression, riots and disruptive tech.

The future of technology in protest looks dark. The hyper-militarization of law enforcement has become widespread as global governments attempt to suppress dissent and monitor their citizens. There is a huge disparity between the amount of technologies used by the authorities and the technologies available to protesters and activists during protests and riots.

Backslash explores the colorful global culture of dissent and challenges the role of technology in protests of the future. The project critically examines current parameters to expose the imbalance, implant questions and start a conversation about the tense relationship between technology and protest. 

In future protests, how will the underground fight back?

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Backslash is a collaboration between the designers Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Chen.


Custom electronics, 3D printed enclosures, Aluminum, Vacuum Formed Plastic, Laser Cut Acrylic, Custom Printed Fabric.

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