Role: Interaction Design Lead, Art Direction
Client: NYX Cosmetics


NYX Professional Makeup, a L’Oreal Group brand, is an innovative digital brand with a passionate online community of beauty fanatics. NYX is unique in its social strategy, crowdsourcing user generated media to market their products and show what makeup looks like on real people.  

IPG Media Lab has been their partner in bringing this digital social strategy to life in their ever growing number of stores in the US and abroad for their young and tech savvy consumers. Each store features a myriad of interactive experiences including beauty bar, trending wall, interactive discovery stations. For the newer stores that opened in 2016, I was challenged with the design of 3 new interactives: a custom palette bar, brush bar and lash bar, as well as Colorcast, an interactive Instagram sculpture for the new global flagship store in NYC.


Palette Bar

Eyeshadow can be overwhelming for many people, especially when you have 100+ choices in color and finish. The Palette Bar experience educates users on how to build an eyeshadow palette and, in certain store locations, also guides users to their chosen colors with pink and white wayfinding LED lights. The customer has full freedom in choosing from the 100+ colors NYX has to offer, or they can browse the curated featured palettes by their favorite beauty influencers.


Brush Bar

NYX offers more than 30 professional brushes for different types of makeup application. The Brush Bar experience aims to demystify and educate customers about all the brush choices and how they fit in a beauty routine. Users are able to discover via two modes: browsing the brushes and learning through tutorials.  The customer is able to curate a playlist of content which can be emailed and enjoyed from home.



Lash Bar

The Lash Bar experience helps users find the lash types and shapes that’s most suitable for their features and desired look. Users are able to discover via two modes: browsing the lashes by eye shape or learning different techniques of applying and using lashes through tutorials. Customers can bring the store experience home with them by creating a playlist and sending it to their email. 

lash set-2.png


Colorcast Instagram Sculpture

For the opening of their Global flagship store in Union Square (NYC), NYX wanted a to create a centerpiece, a work of art that would make the store stand out. IPG Media Lab worked in partnership with Red Paper Heart to create Colorcast, an eye-grabbing permanent installation made from 48 cascading iPads and iPhones.

When someone approaches, the digital sculpture scans the colors of the person’s outfit using a Kinect and reflects back the makeup artistry that feature those shades from influencers and Instagram users. An extra iPad sits directly in front of the sculpture as a main control station, allowing the shoppers to filter the social content based on hair color, eye color, or iconic NYX products.

The iOS devices are all networked and loaded with custom software to constantly pull new images from the NYX Olapic stream, which is fueled by their passionate fan base of makeup enthusiasts.

app diagram.png