ZIMA Chatbot

Role: Interaction Design Lead, Art Direction
Client: MillerCoors Incubator

ZIMA is a clear malt beverage popular in the 90's. For summer 2017, MillerCoors is bringing the cult beverage back for a limited run. To amplify the summer release, IPG Media Lab helped MC design and build out a chatbot with a quirky personality: Zima has just woken up from a long nap and has brought the best of the 90's with it!

Successful chatbots approximate the meter and structure of a natural conversation. We approach this problem by building a combination of responses with multiple variants and guided flows or “dialogues” that have greater resemblance to a choose your own adventures than the linear conversations created by most bot builders. In order to structure and guide the user, ZIMABot’s primary knowledge base is centered around a few bucketed flows: Music, Technology, Film/TV, Fashion, and Trivia. Each flow can be accessible from multiple entry points.

Additional Features

easter egg.png